Learning about Objects

Creating custom applications in Excel requires a working knowledge of common objects or collections of objects such as Range, Workbook (Workbooks), Worksheet (Worksheets), Window (Windows), and Application. In preceding sections, you explored several methods of learning about Visual Basic. Here's a summary of when to use a specific tool:

■ When in doubt about objects, properties, or methods in an existing VBA procedure, fire up the online help by pressing F1.

■ If you need a quick listing of properties and methods for every available object or have trouble locating a hard-to-find procedure, go with the Object Browser.

■ If you want to experiment with VBA and see the results of the VBA commands immediately, activate the Immediate window.

To help you better understand the VBA syntax, the remaining pages of this chapter contain a number of VBA language drills. You will get the most out of these drills if you take the time to work through them in the Immediate window.

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