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This book shows you what's doable with Microsoft Excel 2002 beyond the standard user interface. If you ever wanted to open a new worksheet without using the menu or create a fully automated custom form to gather data and store the results in a spreadsheet, you've got to learn some programming. This book shows you how to become more productive by delegating many time-consuming and repetitive tasks to Excel. Using Excel's built-in language, VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), you can bring a lot of automating power to your spreadsheets, whether you are creating them for yourself or others. By using a number of built-in programming tools, you can work smarter than you ever thought possible. There is no extra cost except for your willingness to become familiar with a secret window behind the Microsoft Excel application window. For a quick peek, while in Excel, hold down Alt while pressing F11. You will end up in the Visual Basic Editor (VBE) screen—Excel's programming interface.

Now that this well-guarded secret is out, let me tell you more. Apart from VBA, this book introduces you to two hot Internet technologies that can be used with Microsoft Excel. One is ASP (Active Server Pages) and the other is XML (Extensible Markup Language). You also learn a number of other supporting technologies. So, if you really want to gain some hot skills, purchase this book and waste no time beginning studying.

Learn Microsoft Excel 2002 VBA Programming with XML and ASP leads you through the process of creating VBA procedures, VBScripts, ASP pages, XML documents, and XSL stylesheets from start to finish. Along the way, there are detailed, practical "how-to" examples and plenty of illustrations. The book's approach is to learn by doing. This book begins by addressing basic VBA concepts in the early chapters and progresses to more complex topics in later chapters. Each of the 17 chapters should be worked through in order. In addition, there are four appendices that discuss working with and programming special features in Excel. Consider this book as a sort of private course that you can attend in the comfort of your office or home.

Some courses have prerequisites and so does this one. Learn Microsoft Excel 2002 VBA Programming with XML and ASP does not explain to the user how to use Excel features such as menus and keyboard shortcuts. The book assumes that you are comfortable working with an Excel spreadsheet and are interested in becoming more productive by learning how to communicate with Excel in its own language and learning how to integrate it with the current Internet technologies.

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