First Steps in Visual Basic for Applications

Understanding Instructions, Modules, and Procedures ■

Assigning a Name to the VBA Project ■ Renaming the Module ■ Calling a Procedure from Another Project ■ Understanding Objects, Properties, and Methods ■ Learning about Objects, Properties, and Methods ■ Syntax Versus Grammar ■ Breaking Up Long VBA Statements ■ Understanding VBA Errors ■ In Search of Help ■ On-the-fly Syntax and Programming Assistance

■ Using the Object Browser ■ Using the VBA Object Library ■ Locating Procedures with the Object Browser ■ Using the Immediate Window ■ Obtaining Information in the Immediate Window

■ Learning about Objects ■ Doing Things with Spreadsheet Cells

■ Using the Range Property ■ Using the Cells Property ■ Using the Offset Property ■ Other Methods of Selecting Cells ■ Selecting Rows and Columns ■ Obtaining Information about the Worksheet ■ Entering Data in a Worksheet ■ Returning Information Entered in a Worksheet ■ Finding Out about Cell Formatting

■ Moving, Copying, and Deleting Cells ■ Doing Things with Workbooks and Worksheets ■ Doing Things with Windows ■ Managing the Excel Application ■ What's Next...

Language study is a long-term activity in which you pass through various stages of proficiency. The same is true about learning how to program in Visual Basic for Applications. There are no shortcuts. To become proficient in VBA, you must start at a novice level (Chapters 2-4). Only after you have a good understanding of some of the basics behind Visual Basic for Applications may you go on to the intermediate level (Chapters 5-7) and advanced level (Chapters 8-17). But, first things first. Before you can customize Microsoft Excel with VBA, you need to acquire new vocabulary and grammar. How do you say in Visual Basic, "Add a new worksheet to a workbook," "Delete the contents of cell A5," "Copy the formula from cell A1 to cell B1"? You may already know the individual words. However, do you know how to combine them correctly so that Excel can carry out these tasks? In this chapter, you will learn the terms and rules of VBA.

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