Creating Custom Menus and Toolbars with VBA

Toolbars ■ Using the CommandBar Object ■ Creating a Custom Toolbar ■ Deleting a Custom Toolbar ■ Using the CommandBar Properties ■ Working with Command-Bar Controls ■ Working with Menus ■ Menu Programming ■ Creating a Submenu ■ Modifying a Built-in Shortcut Menu ■ Creating a Shortcut Menu ■ What's Next...

Users have come to expect an easy way to select commands and options in any Windows application. Therefore, when you are done writing VBA procedures that provide a solution to a specific spreadsheet automation dilemma, you should spend additional time adding features that will make your application quick and easy to use. The most desired features of the user interface are custom menus and toolbars. This is especially true when your VBA application consists of a dozen or more procedures. To provide quick access to a specific command, simply create a control and place it on the built-in or custom toolbar. This chapter teaches you how to work with menus and toolbars programmatically.

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