Checking Smart Tag Options in an Excel Workbook

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Let's start by checking whether your workbook is set to recognize smart tags. To do this, choose Tools | AutoCorrectOptions and click the Smart Tags tab (Figure C-2).

Notice that both built-in and custom smart tags are listed as a group in the Recognizers section. Microsoft Excel 2002 comes with the MSN MoneyCentral smart tag that allows you to check the latest stock prices. So if you enter a financial symbol, such as "MSFT," in a spreadsheet cell and the smart tag lists are selected as shown in Figure C-2, you will be presented with a list of actions allowing you to insert a refreshable stock price, obtain a stock quote on MSN MoneyCentral, look at the company report on MSN MoneyCentral, or read recent news on MSN MoneyCentral. The smart tag options allow you to turn off the display of smart tags, label data with smart tags, configure how you want to display a smart tag on a per-workbook basis, save the smart tags with the workbook, and search for more smart tags on the web. Two other smart tags listed in Figure C-2 (Customer Info, Explore the States) are custom-made. You will learn how to create and use these smart tags in the next sections.

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