I would like to express my grateful appreciation to all the people involved in the creation of this book. Special thanks go to Wordware Publishing, Inc. editors Beth Kohler and Heather Hill for their help, comments, and thorough review of this book. It was a pleasure to work with you ladies. Your queries were so skillfully put together that I've decided to bind them for future reference.

Many thanks to Wes Beckwith for all his efforts and patience in coordinating this project.

To Witold Sikorski of Mikom Publishing, Warsaw, Poland, a big thank you for introducing me to Jim Hill of Wordware Publishing, Plano, Texas. Needless to say, if these two hadn't met several years ago at a book fair in Frankfurt, Germany, I would have never become a bilingual author.

A special thanks goes to Terrence Joubert for taking the time to review several chapters from the previous version of this book (Learn Microsoft Excel 2000 VBA Programming) and for his list of suggestions to include in this new release. Due to time constraints and the size of the book, I could not implement all of his great suggestions. I am looking forward to Ter-rence's book, ADO .NET Programming, also from Wordware Publishing.

Thanks to the readers of the previous version of this book for their praise and criticism. I'm happy to hear that so many of you have found the book very useful in self-teaching Excel VBA programming. I apologize to those of you who have found some subjects missing or not adequately covered. I have tried to do a better job this time; however, please keep in mind this book isn't a know-it-all reference but a step-by-step manual. To take you through the subjects in an easy-to-follow manner I had to make choices as to what goes in and what's not covered.

To my close friends, Ludmila Larmor, Jolanta and Dariusz Partyka, and Mariola Weyna for their encouragement and support.

Finally, I'd like to thank my husband, Paul, simply for being my husband and sharing with me the same fields of interest. Paul has been gaining experience with the .NET technology while I was busy writing.

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