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Blackjack Sniper Summary

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Writing the Code for Blackjack

Since the Blackjack form is the major component of the user interface, its code module contains most of the program code. Much of this code is contained in event procedures of the UserForm object and the ActiveX controls it contains. Several procedures private to the Blackjack form's code module are added to support the tasks required for the game. Program code for shuffling the cards is contained in the code module for the Shuffling form and public variable declarations and procedures are located in standard modules. I have included two standard modules for Blackjack one for variables and procedures specifically created for the Blackjack game, and one for general purpose procedures that can be exported to other projects.

Chapter Project Blackjack

The Blackjack game is a favorite for beginning programmers because it is relatively straightforward programming and can be a lot of fun to customize. The game is saved as Blackjack.xls on the CD-ROM accompanying this book. I added some sound to the game, but it could easily be dressed up with features such as animation or odd rule twists. This particular version uses an Excel UserForm and various ActiveX controls to simulate the card game. There are two players, the user and the computer, and the game follows most of the standard rules of Blackjack. The computer serves as the dealer. The idea is to draw as many as five cards with a total value that comes as close to 21 as possible without going over. Face cards are worth 10 and aces are 1 or 11. All other cards are face value. The game begins with two cards dealt to each player. One of the dealer's cards is dealt face down so it is unknown to the player (i.e., user). The player draws cards until the hand's value exceeds 21 or the...

Table Select Properties of the Blackjack Form

Python Programming Precedence Table

Blackjack CenterScreen fmBorderStyleNone frmDealer and frmPlayer Dealer and Player fmBorderStyleSingle Table 6.6 Select Properties of the Blackjack Form (continued) Table 6.6 Select Properties of the Blackjack Form (continued) The form design for the Blackjack game. The form design for the Blackjack game. In addition to the Blackjack form, a second form is added to the project to serve as a splash screen to distract the player as the code that simulates the shuffling of the deck executes. The code doesn't really take that long to run, but the delay in the game is a nice distraction that doesn't require the player to do anything, and it serves to inform the player that the end of the deck was reached and must be reshuffled. Figure 6.17 shows the deck shuffling form with two Label controls. The last part of the interface for the Blackjack game is the worksheet that shows the form and stores the results of each hand. Figure 6.18 shows the worksheet for the Blackjack game. It contains...

Requirements for Blackjack

Because of my familiarity with the game, the requirement list for the Blackjack game was relatively easy to compile. Due to project length, I did not add many of the rules normally found in Blackjack such as doubling down, splitting, insurance for dealer blackjack, and so on. If you are unfamiliar with these features, you can find descriptions in the challenges at the end of the chapter. It would be great practice for you to add some of these features to the game. The requirements for the Blackjack game, as I've defined them, follow

Designing Blackjack

The Blackjack game runs from a VBA form that contains several ActiveX controls. The form is separated into a Dealer area and a Player area using Frame controls. The dealer frame contains these ActiveX controls A single Label control displays the result of each hand. Figure 6.16 shows the Blackjack form (named frmTable) interface with the previously listed ActiveX controls. Table 6.6 lists the settings of a few select properties of the ActiveX controls added to the Blackjack form. In most instances, font, color, and size properties were also changed from their default values, but are not listed in the table.

Magic Squares Spreadsheet Selectionchange Procedure

Biorhythms and the Time of Your Life, 25, 47-53 Blackjack, 208 Colorful Stats, 17-22 Excetris, 427, 439-471 Fun with Strings, 43, 45-47 Math Game, 100, 123-147, 329-330, 349-372 Poker Dice, 55, 77-97 Word Find, 269, 296-326 Project Explorer window, 7, 8 Projects, forms added to, 209 Properties, 150, 162 Properties window, 8 for Blackjack program, 247-248 general purpose, 246-247 Put statement, 295 PuzzleList custom data type, 302 Puzzles, word search, 296 for Alienated Game program, 397 for Battlecell program, 177-180 for Blackjack program, 237-239 for Colorful Stats program, 17, 18 for Excetris program, 439-441 for Math Game program, 123-124 for new Math Game program, 350-351 for Poker Dice program, 77 for Word Find program, 296-298 Resizing windows, 168, 169 of FileDialog object, 284, 287 form loading and, 214 modal forms and, 214, 215 shuffling deck for Blackjack program and, 248 ShuffleDeck() sub procedure, shuffling deck for Blackjack program and, 249, 251 Shuffling deck of...

General Purpose Public Procedures

The Delay() sub procedure is called to delay the execution of the Blackjack program. The delay is needed when a new hand is dealt and when the dealer draws more cards to give the game an appearance of dealing one card at a time. It is also called for an aesthetic affect when the Shuffling form is displayed because it only takes the program a fraction of a second (processor dependent) to effectively shuffle the cards. The delay is caused by a Do-Loop that executes until a specified number of seconds (indicated by the variable pauseTime) has passed. The VBA function DoEvents() yields the computer's processor so that the operating system can process other events. This allows the player to make other selections while the loop executes. Public Procedures and Variables for the Blackjack Program The second standard module included with the Blackjack program includes the variables and procedures specifically related to the Blackjack game and are not transferable to other applications. Public...

The Immediate Window

The CalcScore() sub procedure in the Blackjack form module from Chapter 6 is listed below. You may remember that this procedure calculates the scores of the dealer's and player's hands. One of the trickier pieces of this procedure is the part that scores Aces as either one or eleven depending on the value of the hand. The procedure must score the Ace as eleven as long as the player's score does not exceed twenty-one. Several debugging statements have been added to the procedure to test its effectiveness.

Excel Vba Challenges

Alter the Blackjack game to pay double the bet if the player is dealt a blackjack (one Ace and one card of value 10). 6. Alter the Blackjack game to immediately end if the player or dealer is dealt blackjack. Whoever has the blackjack is declared the winner and the other player is not allowed to draw. If both players are dealt blackjack, then it's a push. 7. Doubling down is the process of doubling your bet after the first two cards are dealt. If you choose to double down, then you can only draw one more card. Add this feature to the Blackjack game. 8. Splitting is the process of splitting your first two cards into two separate hands. You then draw one more card for each hand and you are not allowed any more draws. Your bet applies to both hands and each hand competes against the dealer's hand. Add this feature to the Blackjack game. 9. Alter the Blackjack game to incorporate a MultiPage control with two pages on the Blackjack form. The first page of the MultiPage control should...

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Black Jack Tactics Conquering The Game In Casinos

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