AutoCAD VBA uses a View object to represent a view. When you create a new drawing, no views are set up. All the views that you save in a drawing become members of the Views collection. The following code iterates through the Views collection and displays the names of saved views.

Public Sub DisplayViews() Dim objView As AcadView Dim strViewNames As String

If ThisDrawing.Views.Count > 0 Then

For Each objView In ThisDrawing.Views strViewNames = strViewNames & objView.Name


MsgBox "The following views are saved for this & strViewNames


MsgBox "There are no saved View objects in the End If

End Sub

& vbCrLf drawing:" & vbCrLf Views collection."

Figure 14-1 shows this code's output. This is equivalent to the views displayed in the View dialog box's Named Views tab (see Figure 14-2).

Figure 14-1. A list of views in a drawing
Figure 14-2. The View dialog box's Named Views tab

The view named Current is not saved and is not part of the Views collection. Also, the Views collection is not imported into other drawings when you insert one drawing into another.

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