User Preferences Changes in AutoCAD

AutoCAD 2004 (and hence, 2006) adds, removes, and modifies quite a few Options dialog box features, as well as many AcadPreferences objects. Be sure to read the online development documentation for changes in AutoCAD 2004. There are some interesting things to note, in addition to my comment earlier about changing the DockedVisibleLines property having no effect on the number of lines displayed for the command prompt. For example, although AutoCAD 2004 adds the new "hover grip" feature to the Options dialog box, the three color options are not represented cohesively under the hood. Figure 5-5 shows the Selection tab.

Figure 5-5. The Selection tab of the Options dialog box

The AcadPreferences.Selection object contains only GripColorSelected and GripColorUnselected. The GRIPHOVER system variable is the only means to access and modify the hover grip color. Another curious issue is that of tool palettes, which are new to AutoCAD 2004. These aren't exposed through the ActiveX model anywhere; they're actually stored as XML documents under the ToolPalettesPath property of the File object. There currently is no means to configure their display properties from VBA without invoking XML services.

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