The Revision Number Property

The RevisionNumber property specifies a revision level for the drawing: object.RevisionNumber

Table 21-2 shows the RevisionNumber property's parameters.

Table 21-2. The RevisionNumber Property Parameter





String; read-write

The drawing's revision level

Here's an example of setting the RevisionNumber property:

ThisDrawing.SummaryInfo.RevisionNumber = "1"

The following example illustrates incrementing the RevisionNumber property. The code is written so that you do not need to concern yourself with whether the previous revision was numeric or alphabetic.

ThisDrawing.SummaryInfo.RevisionNumber = _

Chr(Asc (ThisDrawing.SummaryInfo.RevisionNumber) + 1)

The result of executing the code will be to set the RevisionNumber property to one greater than its previous value. If it was set to 1 initially, for example, it will now be 2. If it were set to B it would now be C, and so on.

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