Plotting Your Drawing

This section details the various means used to plot your drawings.

The DisplayPlotPreview Method

It's a good idea to preview your drawing before you print it out. AutoCAD provides a means of previewing the active layout of your drawing using the DisplayPlotPreview method. This method displays the Plot Preview box, which must be dismissed by the user rather than through code. The drawing for which the DisplayPlotPreview method is invoked will become the active drawing and will remain so even after you've dismissed the Plot Preview box.

PlotObject.DisplayPlotPreview Preview

Table 15-1 shows the DisplayPlotPreview property's parameter.

Table 15-1. The DisplayPlotPreview Property Parameter


Data Type




This determines the kind of preview used. It must be one of the AcPreviewMode constants described in Table 15-2.

In AutoCAD 2005 and later, there is only one type of Preview mode, full preview, which takes longer to perform than a partial preview because it requires a regeneration of the drawing, although no optimization or vector sorting takes place. For backward compatibility, two AcPreviewMode constants are available, though only the full preview is used. Table 15-2 shows the Preview type's constants.

Table 15-2. Preview Type Constants






This type of preview shows the effective plot area relative to the

paper size.



This type of preview displays the drawing on screen, as it will

appear when plotted.

The following code allows the user to decide the type of plot preview:

Public Sub PlotPreview()

If MsgBox("A preview of your drawing will be displayed." & _

"Would you like to see a full preview?", vbYesNo) =

vbYes Then

ThisDrawing.Plot.DisplayPlotPreview acFullPreview


ThisDrawing.Plot.DisplayPlotPreview acPartialPreview End If End Sub

Figure 15-1 depicts the two different types of plot previews.

Figure 15-1. Partial versus full plot preview

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