Overview of AutoCad Vba Commands

AutoCAD provides a number of commands to access the VBA editor and execute VBA code. Table 1-2 summarizes the commands that you can enter at the AutoCAD command prompt.

Table 1-2. VBA Editor Commands

Command Description

VBALOAD Loads a VBA (.dvb) project file into AutoCAD memory. If you are going to edit your project, you may want to click the Visual Basic Editor option. This puts you inside the VBA editor for immediate editing.

VBAIDE Opens the VBAIDE. If you have loaded a project, this opens the VBA editor so you can begin editing.

VBAUNLOAD Unloads the current project. If you made changes without saving them, AutoCAD asks you to save your VBA project first.

VBARUN Opens a dialog box from which you can choose a VBA macro to run. This option has a number of features you may choose.

-VBARUN Runs a VBA macro from the AutoCAD command prompt. If you have macros with the same name in more than one module file, then you must use the <modulename.macroname> syntax.

VBAMAN Invokes the VBA Manager dialog box, which lets you view, create, load, close, embed, and extract projects.

VBASTMT Executes a VBA expression from the AutoCAD command prompt.

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