Name Data Type Description

PlotConfiguration String This optional parameter specifies the full path and file name of a PC3 file to use instead of the current configuration. If the file isn't found, AutoCAD will search the printer configuration path for the file. If this parameter isn't provided or is invalid, the current configuration will be used.

You can look at the available printers using the Options dialog box inside AutoCAD, as shown in Figure 15-2. The Plotting tab displays all the available printer device names. Unfortunately, AutoCAD doesn't provide a means to see this list programmatically.

Acad 2006 Plot Dialogue
Figure 15-2. The Plotting tab of the Options dialog box

The PlotToFile Method

This method works in a similar way to the PlotToDevice method except that it plots layouts of the active drawing to a specified file. The default layout to be plotted is the active layout, but this may be overridden by the SetLayoutsToPlot method given earlier in this chapter. This method returns a Boolean indicating whether the plot to file was successful. A value of True indicates success.

blnPlotSuccessful = PlotObject.PlotToFile _ (PlotFile [, PlotConfiguration])

Table 15-5 shows the PlotToFile method's parameters. Table 15-5. PlotToFile Method Parameters


Data Type

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