Layer Linetypes

Much like the color, each layer has a Linetype property that provides the default linetype of all entities drawn on the layer whose Linetype property is set to ByLayer. Unless an entity is set to a specific linetype, it will take on the linetype of the layer where it is drawn. Again, this is very efficient—changing the layer linetype automatically changes all entities whose Linetype property is set to ByLayer.

By default, a new layer's linetype will be Continuous, which is a solid line. You can change the layer's linetype at any time, and in addition you can assign individual entities their own linetypes at any time. The Layer.Linetype property is a string that you can access as follows:

Public Sub Layer0Linetype() Dim objLayer As AcadLayer Dim strLayerLinetype As String

Set objLayer = ThisDrawing.Layers("0") objLayer.Linetype = "Continuous" strLayerLinetype = objLayer.Linetype

Linetypes are generally loaded from files containing linetype definitions, which is demonstrated later in the section "Loading a Linetype."

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