Introduction to Visual Basic Programming

^V Visual Basic application contains several components:

• UserForm modules, which contain an application's visual interface, including ActiveX controls and the form's Visual Basic code

• Standard (.bas) and Class (.cls) modules, which contain customized routines and classes

• Intrinsic and custom ActiveX controls (.ocx) and code components in ActiveX DLLs (.dll)

By default, an AutoCAD VBA project contains a single module called ThisDrawing. You can then add UserForm, Standard and Class modules, and ActiveX controls as needed. Chapter 3 describes how to add these elements to an application. If you are an experienced VBA developer in AutoCAD 2000 or 2002, read the documentation in AutoCAD 2006 for new, changed, and removed features for ActiveX, VBA, system variables, and drawing data classes. Each new release brings considerable changes that often affect program development in good and bad ways.

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