AutoCAD allows you to have a more permanent form of selection set called a group. Just like SelectionSet objects, Group objects associate an arbitrary set of entities into a collection that you can use all at once in many operations. You can associate entities with any number of groups, and you can have any number of entities in a single group.

By default, when an entity that belongs to a group is selected, all the other members of the group are automatically selected as well. The behavior is controlled by the PICKSTYLE system variable. See the AutoCAD User's Guide for details on other possible values for this variable.

Despite being collected into a group, entities that make up a group are still easily editable on an individual basis. This is in contrast to blocks in which, once entities are collected into a Block Definition and then inserted, the entities are quite difficult to edit individually. However, it's interesting to note that Group objects can have Xdata attached to them, and they have available nearly all the same default properties that other entities have, such as Color, Linetype, Lineweight, PlotStyle, Visible, and even TrueColor.

You normally create and edit groups through the Object Grouping dialog box (see Figure 12-2), which you can view by typing GROUP at the AutoCAD command prompt.

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