Table C-7 explains the system variables that start with f.

Table C-7. The F System Variables



FACETRATIO Controls the aspect ratio of faceting for cylindrical and conic ACIS solids.

FACETRES Adjusts the smoothness of shaded and rendered objects and objects with hidden lines removed. This variable's value is also stored in the RenderSmoothness property of the AcadDatabasePreferences object.

FIELDDISPLAY Controls whether fields are displayed with a gray background. The background is not plotted.

FIELDEVAL Controls how fields are updated. The setting is stored as a bit code using the sum of the values.

FILEDIA Suppresses display of file dialog boxes.

FILLETRAD Stores the current fillet radius.

FILLMODE Specifies whether multilines, traces, solids, hatches (including solid-fill hatches), and wide polylines are filled in. This variable's value is also stored in the SolidFill property of the AcadDatabasePreferences object.

FONTALT Stores the alternate font that will be used when the specified font file can't be located.

FONTMAP Specifies the font mapping file that will be used.

FRONTZ Stores the front clipping plane offset from the target plane for the current viewport.

FULLOPEN Indicates whether the current drawing is partially open or fully open.

FULLPLOTPATH Controls whether the full path of the drawing file is sent to the plot spooler.

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