Enabling and Disabling the Startup Dialog

Users may or may not want the Startup dialog box as shown in Figure 5-4 when they open an existing drawing or start a new drawing. In AutoCAD 2004 and later, the Startup dialog box is disabled by default.

Figure 5-4. The Startup dialog box

You can control whether this dialog box is displayed using the EnableStartupDialog property of the PreferencesSystem object, as in the following example:

ThisDrawing.Application.Preferences.System.EnableStartupDialog = False

The initial value of the EnableStartupDialog property is True for versions up to AutoCAD 2002 only. It is False for AutoCAD 2004 and later products.

An AutoCAD 2004 and later quirk is that although the command line setting has been removed from the Display tab of the Options dialog box, the corresponding property is still exposed under the Display object (DockedVisibleLines). However, modifying its value has no effect whatsoever due to the command prompt being converted to a tool palette object.

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