Deleting Menu Items

To delete a menu item from a PopupMenu object, you simply use the Delete method:


You can use the following macro to delete menus on the menu bar. The user specifies which menu to delete. The code then iterates through the menu items in that menu and asks the user if he or she wants to delete each item.

Help Apress Creates

Figure 16-8. Creating a cascading menu

Public Sub DeleteMenu() Dim objMenu As AcadPopupMenu Dim objMenuItem As AcadPopupMenuItem Dim strDeleteMenuName As String Dim strMenuName As String strDeleteMenuName = InputBox("Enter name of Menu to remove: ") If strDeleteMenuName = "" Then Exit Sub

On Error Resume Next

Set objMenu = ThisDrawing.Application.MenuBar.Item(strDeleteMenuName) If objMenu Is Nothing Then

MsgBox "Menu is not on the menu bar" Exit Sub End If

For Each objMenuItem In objMenu strMenuName = objMenuItem.Caption

If strMenuName = "" Then strMenuName = "Separator"

If MsgBox("Delete " & strMenuName, vbYesNo, _ "Confirm deletion of a MenuItem") = _ vbYes Then objMenuItem.Delete End If

Next End Sub

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