Advanced Database Issues

Don't be lulled into thinking that because you feel comfortable with the AutoCAD drawing "database" environment, you can translate it quickly into the world of database development. The differences are staggering. Although many similarities exist, you'll encounter numerous issues in database development that aren't present in AutoCAD. For example, referential integrity, normalization, indexing, views, and job scheduling are all common in mainstream database development. And although these topics may seem unimportant or remote to you as an AutoCAD developer, they're crucial to database developers and the work they do every day.

If you aren't a seasoned database developer, it often helps to partner with one while you're learning the ropes of database programming. Although you can certainly learn database development skills, it's truly a world unto its own. Finally, before you begin building a large, complex database application with AutoCAD, consult an experienced database developer to make sure you don't reinvent the wheel or waste precious time building a solution that would have been easier or more robust if it were instead developed on the database end.

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