AcadUCSs Collection Methods

The AcadUCSs collection inherits all the methods of the AcadObject object. It also supports the following methods.

Name Returns Description



Creates a member object and adds it to the collection. Parameters: Origin As Variant,XAxisPoint As Variant, YAxisPoint As Variant,and Name As String. The Origin parameter specifies where the UCS is to be added. The XAxisPoint parameter specifies a point on the positive X-axis of the UCS. The YAxisPoint parameter specifies a point on the positive Y-axis of the UCS. (The Z-axis follows by applying the right-hand rule.) These coordinates are all 3-D in WCS. Note that XAxisPoint and YAxisPoint together can't specify the same location as the Origin. The Name parameter specifies the name of the UCS to add to the collection.



Gets the member object at a given index in a collection. Parameter: Index As Variant (an Integer or a String). If the Index value is a String, it must match an existing object name in the collection.

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