Acad SelectionSets Collection

The AcadSelectionSets collection contains all the selection sets in the drawing. To add a new member to the collection, use the Add method. To select a specific selection set, use the Item method. To delete a specific selection set, use the Delete method of the AcadSelectionSet object. AutoCAD allows you up to 128 selection sets objects. However, there can be only one instance of the AcadSelectionSets collection, which is predefined for each drawing. You can make multiple references to it by using the SelectionSets property of the AcadDocument object.

AcadSelectionSets Collection Methods

The AcadSelectionSets collection supports just two methods. Note that it does not inherit from AcadObject.






Creates an AcadSelectionSet object and adds it to the collection. Parameter: Name As String.



Returns the member of the collection specified by the index. Parameter: Index As Variant (Integer or String). If the Index value is a String, it must match an existing object name in the collection.

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