AcadPViewport Object

The AcadPViewport object represents rectangular objects created in paper space that display views. The functionality of this object is slightly different from what is used in the AutoCAD user interface. In

ActiveX Automation, the ActiveSpace property (of the Document object) is used to control the TILEMODE system variable. Also, the MSpace property (also of the Document object) is the equivalent of both AutoCAD's MSPACE and PSPACE commands. In addition, the ActiveX Automation user is required to use the Display method before setting the MSpace property to acOn. It's good practice to activate the display using the Display method for at least one AcadPViewport object before setting the MSpace property, or else the latter will throw an exception.

The AcadPViewport object is created using the AddPViewport method of the AcadPaperSpace object.

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