AcadLWPolyline Object Methods

The AcadLWPolyline object inherits all the methods of the AcadEntity and AcadObject objects. It also supports the following methods.





Adds a vertex to the lightweight polyline, a vertex being the end point for a new line segment. See the SetBulge method for creating an arc. Each vertex is added to a three-element array of Doubles. Parameters: Index As Integer and Vertex As Variant. (Index refers to the position in the array where the new vertex is added. Vertex refers to the 3-D OCS coordinates where the vertex is to be created.)



Explodes the lightweight polyline and returns the subentities as an array of Objects (AcadLine and AcadArc).



Returns the bulge value at a given index of the lightweight polyline. A bulge is the tangent of 1/4 of the included angle for the arc between the selected vertex and the next vertex in the polyline's vertex list. A negative bulge value indicates that the arc goes clockwise from the selected vertex to the next vertex. A bulge of 0 indicates a straight segment, and a bulge of 1 is a semicircle. Parameter: Index As Integer.


Returns segment width at a given index of the lightweight polyline. Parameters: Index As Integer, StartWidth As Double, and EndWidth As Double.



Creates a new lightweight polyline by offsetting the existing polyline by a given distance, which must be nonzero. If the offset is negative, this means that the line is drawn closer to the WCS origin. Parameter: Distance As Double.


Sets the vertex bulge of the lightweight polyline at a given index. See GetBulge for the definition of a bulge. Parameters: Index As Integer and bulge As Double.


Sets the segment width of the lightweight polyline for a given index. Parameters: Index As Integer, StartWidth As Double, and EndWidth As Double.

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