Acad DimStyle Object

The AcadDimStyle object represents a group of dimension settings that determine the appearance of new dimensions created in the drawing. It is created by the Add method of the AcadDimStyles collection and is activated through the ActiveDimStyle property of the Document object. To change the style of a dimension, use the StyleName property found on the dimension. To control the settings of the current document overrides, use the dimensioning system variables.

When you change a dimensioning system variable, you aren't changing the active dimension style itself. Rather, you're setting a document override for the dimension style, which means that all newly created dimensions will still be created with the active dimension style. They won't reflect the overrides from the system variables until the active dimension style is updated. To change the settings of any dimension style, use the CopyFrom method. Dimensions created via ActiveX use the active dimension style only. To apply the system overrides for dimensions created by ActiveX, use the CopyFrom method to copy the dimension style from the document to the active dimension style.

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