Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness against Thy Object Browser

Everything in an Access database is an object. VBA exists to manipulate those objects programmatically. Thy Object Browser is thy Word and Shepard. It leadeth you to code that actually works. It helpeth to remind you that Forms! and Reports! refer to open objects and that AllForms and AllReports work with closed objects.

For example, the Object Browser helpeth you to discriminate between the DoCmd object and the DoCmd property. It taketh you to the land of truth and facts, and bestoweth upon you names and words that actually work in VBA.

Thy Object Browser is always available in the VBA editor. Seeketh (press F2), and ye shall find. He who believeth that just opening the Object Browser will solveth some problem hath lost his way, and shall wander in dark lands of meaningless Babel for all his programming days. For the laying of eyes on the Object Browser (mouth agape in a fish-like stare) is not enough to enter the land of light and truth. Only he who learneth to use thy Object Browser successfully shall make it beyond the Tower of Babble, to the pearly gates of code-writing heaven.

He who knoweth not an Object Browser from a Web browser, nor a property from pastrami, can seek enlightenment in Chapter 5, which covers objects and collections.

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