Thou Shalt Not Commit Help Adultery

Microsoft Access is a computer program that has its own built-in Help system. The VBA editor is a separate program that has its own built-in Help system. They are not one and the same. For help on Access matters, use Access Help (top of Figure 15-2). For help on VBA, use VBA Help (bottom of same figure). If in doubt, try both. Don't just try one and give up. Guesseth not.

Figure 15-2:

Thou shalt seek relevant facts, for nothing else matters.

Access Help

Access Help

! File Edit View Insert Debug Run Jools Add-Ins Window Help Type a question for help

VBA Help

Thou shalt use taskbar buttons or press Alt+F11 to switch between Access and VBA editor program windows.

When all else fails, thou shalt go to and search for more information. Thou shalt include relevant words like Access VBA in all searches, lest thou end up with 196,342 irrelevant links to sift through.

Should thou seeketh knowledge through Google, or any other whole-Web search engine, thou shalt include even more relevant words, like Microsoft Office Access VBA lest thou endeth up with more links than could be viewed in 100 lifetimes.

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