Icons Used in This Book



As you flip through this book, you'll notice little icons like these sprinkled about its pages. These icons point out little chunks of text that either deserve a little extra attention or deserve very little attention. For example, a Warning points out places where being careless could cause real problems, whereas Technical Stuff points out facts that are nice to know but not super-important. The icons are

Tips point out handy tricks or techniques that can make things easier for you.

These icons point out techniques where if you do things wrong, you might end up creating problems for yourself.

These icons point out tools and techniques that you'll use every time you use VBA. You'll want to keep these in mind because you'll use them often.

These icons point out text that describes how or why a thing works the way it does from a technical standpoint. If you just want to get a thing to work and don't care about how or why it works, you can always skip these.

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