Conventions Used in This Book

While I'm on the topic of using this book without boring yourself to death attempting to actually read it, I've also stuck with some conventions for displaying text in these pages. For example, any actual VBA programming code appears in a monospace font with a gray background, like this:

'VBA code to say

Hello World on the screen.

Sub Hello()

MsgBox "Hello


End Sub

When there's just a little chunk of code to show in text, like this — Dim Wit As Date — you can see what is and what isn't VBA code.

The O symbol that you see in text separates individual menu options (commands) that you choose in sequence. For example, rather than saying Choose New from the File menu or Click File in the menu bar and then click New in the drop-down menu, I just say something like

Choose FileONew from the menu bar.

When you see something in bold, I want you to enter (type) that.

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