Using the Move to Share Point Feature

Access 2007 includes a brand new Move to SharePoint Site Wizard. For existing applications, this wizard can be invoked by clicking the Move to SharePoint button on the Ribbon's External Data tab. When an application is migrated, the user has the option to publish the database to the SharePoint site in a document library so that it can be shared with other users. The forms and reports of the database solution have the option of being advertised on the View menu for the SharePoint list, discussed later in this chapter. Finally, any features in an Access application that do not support being moved to a SharePoint site are written out to the Move To SharePoint Issues table that is created when the application is migrated.

The Move to SharePoint Site Wizard is basically a one-step process. The user inputs the full URL path to the SharePoint site and clicks the Next button. The Access application moves to the SharePoint site and the last page of the wizard enables the user to see the details that occurred during the upsize process. When the Access solution is upsized, a backup copy of the original database is created automatically, in case there are any problems during the operation. The Move to SharePoint Site Wizard makes migrating an existing database to SharePoint as smooth as it can be.

Getting Started allows users to create any database application template as a SharePoint linked application. From the Getting Started window in the Access client, select any database template. The preview pane displays and just below the filename is a check box to create the database on a SharePoint site. Checking this box and clicking the Create button invokes the Create on SharePoint Site dialog box. The dialog box is really the Move to SharePoint Site Wizard with a different title bar. Navigating this wizard is exactly the same.

When migrating an existing application to a SharePoint site, you must understand that some data type conversion happens because Access data types do not map directly to the SharePoint data types. Additionally, certain Access features are not supported when an application has tables linked to SharePoint. You need to be aware of both of these items before moving an application because they can cause data type conversion and data precision loss, and they can modify application architecture in some cases.

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