User Interface Legacy Export and Import Formats

As technology advances, some specialties are enhanced, new ones are created, and a few are left behind. At some point, it is no longer cost effective to build user interfaces between the new platforms and the legacy programs. A similar logic applies if two technologies are advancing in different directions such that the need for integration is diminished. That is essentially the situation with Access 2007 and it explains why some import and export interfaces were dropped.

Access 2007 does not have a user interface for exporting to ASP or to IDC/HTX. It also does not have a user interface for importing from Lotus 1-2-3/DOS (*.wj*) or from Exchange. However, when you see the lists of files that Access 2007 does work with, these deletions appear to be based on good business decisions to put resources to work where they will provide a bigger overall benefit. In the event that you do come across the need to import or export to one of these formats, you can do so by building a function that uses the object model.

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