Updating the MDW File

When a new MDW file is created, it contains one user (Admin) and two groups (Admins and Users). The Admin user is initially assigned to both groups. An MDW file must have at least one user that belongs to the Admins group. All users must belong to the Users group.

The first recommended action for an MDW file is to create a new user to administer the MDW file. Later, you will remove the Admin user from the Admins group and change the ownership of the database to the new administrator, which is necessary because all MDW files have the Admin user and Admins group. If these changes are not made, a default MDW file could be used to gain access to the database. (Learn more about this in the "Setting Permissions on Database Objects" section later in the chapter.)

To create a new user as the administrator, click the User and Group Accounts button on the Ribbon's Database Tools tab. The User and Group Accounts dialog box opens. Select the Users tab and click the New button to display the New User/Group dialog box.

Enter the name for the user to be set as an administrator and a Personal ID number. The Personal ID must be 4 to 20 characters and digits in length. (Follow the same general rules for specifying a password.) Record the Personal ID so that this can be communicated to the new administrator later. This information is critical in the event that the MDW file needs to be recovered.

Click OK to save the new user information. In the User and Group Accounts dialog box, be sure the user created is selected in the Name field. In the Group Membership section of the form, in the Available Groups list, select the Admins group and click the Add >> button to add the Admins group to the new user's assigned groups. (If you need to remove it at some time, select the Admin user in the Name field, and in the Member Of list, select the Admins group and click the << Remove button.)

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