Trusted Locations

Database files that are in trusted locations can be opened and all components will run without warning messages or prompts to enable content. This pertains to the 2007 and earlier file formats, so essentially all ACCDB and MDB file extensions. That does not override the need to trust the publisher of a database with a digital signature for the VBA code to run. (Chapter 18 provides more about digital signatures, running in disabled mode, and related issues.)

Access 2007 uses the Trust Center to create and change security settings for Access and to create and change trusted locations, such as files folders and network shares. The Trust Center also contains the criteria for determining whether a database is safe to open or if it should be disabled. The new security settings are easier to understand and provide more flexibility than working with signed databases in Access 2003. The Access 2007 Trust Center also integrates with the Microsoft Office Trust Center.

The easiest way to make a database trusted is to open it from a trusted folder, providing that the Access Trust Center option is set to Allow Trusted Locations. That option allows any database in the specified folder to open with all code and macros enabled. There are two parts to the process: establishing trusted locations and moving the database to one of those folders.

To create a trusted location, open Access and click the Office Button. Select Access Options O Trust Center O Trust Center Settings O Trusted Locations. Click the Add New Location button to browse to and select the desired folder, check to Include Subfolders if appropriate, and add the new location. Confirm and accept to complete the process. That allows files in the listed folders to open and run without security warnings.

Check the box to Allow Trusted Locations On My Network makes it easier to work with files on other computers.

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