Track this List in Access

The Track this List in Access feature is a quick link that enables the user to open the list in a new or existing database. Choosing this option always creates a SharePoint linked table to the list in the database. This feature is designed as an easy way to create a SharePoint linked table in an Access database, directly from the SharePoint list.

Introduced in Access 2003, the Track this List in Access link, was originally called Create Linked Table In Access. Access 2003 users will see the Create Linked Table In Access link in the task pane for both SharePoint 2003 or 2007 lists. However, Track this List in Access and Create Linked Table In Access perform the same functionality: a linked table is created in a new or existing database.

When a SharePoint list is created in an Access database using Track this List in Access, Access uses the credentials of the user who is logged into the SharePoint site. If the SharePoint site uses NT Authentication, the next time the SharePoint linked table is accessed in the database, the current Windows user's credentials are needed to retrieve or update the data in the list. If the credentials are not valid, the user is prompted for a username and password. In cases when the list is linked to an external SharePoint site that uses credentials different than the current Windows user's, the user is always required to input credentials for the SharePoint site containing the list for the linked table.

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