The IT Department

Historically, some IT departments have demonstrated resistance to Access based on frustrations with version control, securing data, and managing permissions for file and data updates. The new integration with Windows SharePoint Services (SharePoint) provides solutions for most of those issues. You can download SharePoint from Microsoft or use services available through Office Live that enable users to create websites that can take advantage of these features.

SharePoint can be a valuable collaboration tool when used to track changes to the application or file and to the data. Using SharePoint for version control, IT needs to manage only one location to ensure that people are using the correct front-end file. Data changes are tracked, along with user information. People can download data, work offline, and then synchronize the data when they log back in. IT can use SharePoint to control who may access or edit files, and to implement policies for data protection, backups, and recovery. The SharePoint recycle bin also enables you to recover deleted records.

So far, it looks like SharePoint offers enhanced features that are alternatives to replication, user-level security, version control, and data backups. Chapter 17 covers SharePoint in detail. For now, suffice it to say that IT has reason to see Access in a more favorable light.

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