This chapter reviewed some of the basics for the Table, Query, Form, Report, and Macro designers for Access 2007. You learned when it is appropriate to use an Access database to store your data, and explored some of the benefits of using the designers to quickly build database objects without writing any code. You've seen that many tasks can be accomplished quickly using the tools built right into the Access product.

Many more features such as these are available, but they are beyond the scope of this book. Wiley Publishing, Inc., offers several books about how to use Access 2007 that are quite useful for learning more about these features. Visit to read about them.

This book is about Access 2007 VBA, and you're probably wondering when you're going to write some code. Stay tuned. Chapter 2 covers the basics of VBA development. If you're already experienced in VBA you can probably skip that chapter. However, if you are new to VBA development, or you just want a refresher course in some of the basics, be sure to read Chapter 2. The rest of the book breaks VBA in Access into manageable topics, going into specific detail about each.

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