Throughout this chapter, a variety of examples that use VBA to transfer information between Microsoft Access and other Office applications were covered. This chapter outlined sending information to Outlook, creating a mail merge in Word, and exporting a query to an Excel spreadsheet. Additionally, some code utilizing multiple Office applications was presented to show the ease of working with data through several applications, such as Access, Excel, and PowerPoint as the same time. Using all three applications together to accomplish a seemingly impossible task is done easily and with very few lines of code. Although this code might not perform the exact operations desired for your application, the concepts, methods, and code samples included within this chapter provide a starting point for further development.

These code samples make extensive use of the Object Models of each Office application. The key to making these models work is to understand the various objects and methods needed for the target application. Fortunately, along with all of the powerful functionality discussed in this chapter, Office 2007 also provides a comprehensive set of Help files with more information about all of the objects that can be manipulated through VBA code. Do not be afraid to explore the elaborate functionality for each of the Office 2007 programs, I think you'll find they can be extremely advantageous in any Access application.

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