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Access provides great wizards for creating forms, including those with one or more subforms. Between the help files and wizard, it's pretty straightforward to create the relationships, queries, and forms with any combination of one-to-many-to-many relationships. Say a customer has several orders (form-subform) and each order can have multiple delivery dates (form-subform with nested subform)—yep, the form wizard can even work with that.

Everything seems peachy keen, right up until the subform's master field is null—meaning that the main form does not have a value in the field that is used in the relationship with the subform. Now, the data tab of the subform Property Sheet includes Filter On Empty Master, which allows the values of Yes or No to stipulate if all or no records are displayed if the subform's master field is null. This can also be set in code using the new FilterOnEmptyMaster property.

Remember that these are just the highlights of the new features related to forms. There aren't enough pages to show all the great new things that we can do with forms.

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  • Miikka
    What is filter on empty master subform access 2007?
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