Split Forms

The split form begs for an imagination that can test its potential. Simplistically, a split form is half Datasheet view and half Form view, as shown in Figure 3-5. You can scroll or search through the datasheet, click on a record, and the Detail view populates. This is remarkably fast and does not require code.

Figure 3-5

The two areas do not have to display the same fields. And you can lock the datasheet to prevent edits. You can also apply some of the nifty new tools for filtering, sorting, and calculating totals. The position of the forms can be set programmatically. For example, you might have 95 percent Datasheet view for scrolling through records and then use a command button to switch to a 50/50 split. And, the placement of the split can be specified with precision of a twip.

A twip is Vi,4m of an inch, a mere Vx? of a centimeter or better known (HA) as Vath of a point.

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  • milena
    How to lock the datasheet view of a split form?
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