Signed Database Package

Access 2007 has a new way to package and digitally sign a database: Package-and-Sign. It creates a signed Access Deployment file (ACCDC) for ACCDB and ACCDE files. The process starts by compressing the database into a package file (.accdc), which can help reduce transfer times. Then the package file is signed using a code-signing certificate, which indicates that the code has not been tampered with. As with digital signatures, if you trust the publisher, you can extract the contents of the package. Once the database has been extracted, it is no longer associated with the package file, and it opens in disabled mode (unless it is opened from a trusted location).

Because Package-and-Sign works only with the new ACCDB file format, Access 2007 also includes the older tools for signing and distributing MDB file formats. As in the past, databases will open and be enabled if they contain a valid digital signature from a trusted publisher and the user trusts the certificate.

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