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Once again, Microsoft has made it remarkably easy to share files with older versions of Access. With Access 2007, the File O Save As command allows files to be saved directly in either the Access 2000 or the Access 2002-2003 MDB file format. Of course, new features are either ignored or handled in their earlier method. For example, when a file is converted to an MDB format, the user has to leave the Ribbon and go back to menus and toolbars, and rich text formatting is ignored so users will see plain text. However, there are some new features, specifically the new field types, that cannot be accommodated in the MDB file format. If the ACCDB contains field types that are not available for MDBs, the file cannot be saved in a prior version. That means files with complex data, offline data, or attachments cannot be saved as MDB files.

But what about the Access 2003 user who receives an ACCDB file? That's not a big problem because there are converters that allow Access 2000 and 2002-2003 users to open ACCDB files. You can download the free converters from the Microsoft website.

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