The ADE continues to include the Access redistributable runtime engine. Anyone with the license for the ADE is authorized to package and deploy Access runtime solutions. That means that the end user is not required to own or have Access on his computer. A distributable runtime solution includes and installs a runtime Access client and all supporting files, including the Access database engine, ACE. An additional benefit is that the runtime mode helps lock down the environment and limits user options. It can be invoked even if the full version of Access is installed.

The Access 2007 runtime can be either an MDB/MDE file or an ACCDB/ACCDR file. If your solution uses the new ACCDB file format, then the runtime can be invoked by merely changing the file extension to ACCDR. However, if the application needs to remain in the MDB file format it requires the command line switch /runtime to invoke the runtime engine and environment.

Chapter 21 goes through the process of creating and distributing runtime applications. It also discusses some related issues, such as deployment options and managing multiple versions of Access.

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