Properties Methods and Events

There are really too many new properties, methods, and events to cover here, but the key ones are listed here. The descriptions are the same as those for form properties, methods, and events. Chapter 11 provides the details for employing these.

□ Properties: Filter On Load, Fit To Page, and nearly all the events associated with forms.

□ Methods: Requery to update the data. Because it's possible to open a form and update the data underlying the report, it is critical to also provide an easy mechanism to requery, not just refresh the data.

□ Events: Paint, Retreat, GotFocus, Timer, Load, and Unload (after it closes but before it is removed from the screen). The Paint event is rather special because it fires every time the specified section of the report is redrawn. The Retreat event is used to undo and reset properties when an item has to be moved to the next page. An example is a section with KeepTogether set to yes that won't all fit on a page, so the entire section moves to the next page. The alternating line colors, continuous line numbering, and other features would be affected.

□ Report Section properties: AlternateBackColor and AutoHeight (adjusts section's height automatically when controls are resized).

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