PDF and XPS Support

Developers invest a lot of time in creating picture-perfect reports and generally want to preserve the layout regardless of how the reports are distributed. Access now provides a way to export reports, complete in their formatted splendor.

With Access 2007, Microsoft offers a free download that enables users to save a report in a Portable Document Format (PDF) or an XML Paper Specification (XPS) format for printing, posting, and e-mail distribution. Anyone who can open a PDF or XPS file can view and print formatted reports. There are several free options for viewing PDF files, including Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available from

Adobe's website. As for XPS files, for now you'll need Windows Vista, but let's hope that a free viewer will become available. So, say good-bye to Save to Word and Save as Snapshot because who wants plain old reports when you no longer need an add-in to send PDF files?

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  • furuta
    How to save an access report to XPS VBA?
    8 years ago

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