The Security Warning message bar appears when Access 2007 opens a database from outside of a trusted location. The message bar has a handy Options button that opens the Microsoft Office Security Options dialog box to give users options and information. They can enable the content, be protected from the content (run in disabled mode), and even open the Trust Center and change settings (if they have the necessary permissions).

This sounds totally effective and convenient. There's just one catch. With all the new controls, the security warning has been overlooked by quite a few people, including seasoned developers. You'll want to put "check for security warnings" at the top of your FAQs and user guides. Figure 3-12 shows how well the security warning blends in with the other controls. You definitely want to respond to the warning before starting to work because the code is disabled and the act of enabling the code closes the file— even if you've saved your work, you'll lose your place.

Access 2007 Read Only Bar
Figure 3-12

Did you notice the Read-Only warning? If you open a compressed (zipped) file, you may need to change the database properties to ensure that Read-Only is not checked. This is reminiscent of copying a database from a CD—way back in the 20th century.

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