Layout View

In Layout view you can design reports while you are viewing your actual data. Many of the tasks of creating a report, such as formatting, sorting and grouping, and adding totals can be accomplished in Layout view while your data is onscreen, so you no longer need to switch between Design view and Print Preview.

Because you're working with actual data in Layout view, there's no need to guess if the controls are properly sized and spaced. Selecting data for the report is also easier, with related tables becoming available for selection automatically after an initial table is chosen.

Much like Form design, Layout view supports working with blocks of controls. You have to switch to Design view to change the grouping or to make other structural changes, but you can change just about any of the format controls in Layout view. And amazingly, that includes adding totals . . . you got it . . . while displaying the real data. We'll mention that again momentarily and include a shot of the new sorting bar. One last comment about Layout view—before deploying your applications, you can set the form's property to not allow Layout view so that users cannot inadvertently open it and make changes.

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