Installation Options

The installation options enable you to create the settings for how the database solution will be deployed by the MSI file on the target system. The following table describes the options available in this section of the wizard:



File to package

Name and path to the database solution that will be packaged into the final MSI file. You can use the Browse button to specify the location.

Root Installation Folder

Root folder where the application file will be installed. This combo contains common options for the installation location on the machine and defines which users have access to those options.

Installation Subfolder

Subfolder within the root folder for the application. This is optional, but recommended. Typically, it will be a directory name denoting the database solution's name.

Pre-Installation Requirements

Specify the requirements for the database solution in regard to the Access Runtime Package.

The table that follows shows the three options for the pre-installation requirements. Choose the appropriate option for your application by selecting the radio button next to your choice.



Require that Microsoft Office Access 2007 be installed.

The installer checks that Microsoft Office Access 2007 is installed on the user's system before allowing the database solution to be installed.

Require the Access Runtime to be downloaded and installed if Access is not already installed.

When the user tries to install the database solution using the installer, he is prompted to download and install the Access Runtime from the Office Online download site. This ensures that the user has the capability to run the application if he does not already have Access installed on his system. However, he will be required to install the Runtime manually.

Require nothing and install the Access 2007 Runtime if not already installed.

The MSI automatically installs the Access Runtime if Access is not already on the system. Also, the target solution for the database will have the ACCDR file extension to ensure the Runtime is used when the application is run. With this option, the package creator has to supply the installer for the Access Runtime, which will be included with the MSI install package for the Access database solution.

Once you've selected your options, the MSI file can be created, but there are many other useful options still available. It is good to be familiar with the rest of the options because they can be quite useful in creating a professional installation package.

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