ImageMso Attribute

The easiest way to use images in your application is to use those provided by Office. The imageMso attribute on a control specifies an image that is provided by Office. You can use any images provided by any application in Office. For example, here's how you might include images from Outlook in your application:

<group id="grpOutlook" label

<button id="btn17" label

<button id="btn18" label

<button id="btn19" label <separator id="sep4"/>

<button id="btn20" label

<button id="btn21" label </group>


"FollowUpComposeMenu" imageMso="FollowUpComposeMenu"/> "CalendarInsert" imageMso="CalendarInsert"/> "ChartInsert" imageMso="ChartInsert"/>

"NewTaskNumbered" imageMso="NewTaskNumbered"/> "NewContactNumbered" imageMso="NewContactNumbered"/>

You can download the list of control IDs from the Microsoft website or get them from inside an Office application (as explained in the section "More Ribbon Tips" at the end of the chapter).

Figures 12-19, 12-20, 12-21, and 12-22 show some of the imageMso attributes you can specify in your Access applications. This is only a small subset of what is available to you.

m CreateReport

CreateForm ^TableDestgri

File Backup Database ty PivotGroupItems v1 PivotUngroupItems Access l_] FileNewDatabase Q CreateSto red Procedure PageSetup Dialog

Figure 12-19

j'-sfl Camera lH Calculator Q,ZoomCl355k

IJMij Barcodelnsert & Lock

T FollowllpComposeMenu SI Calendariri5ert jj^il Chartfnsert

^ NewTaskNumbered 5-1 NewContactNumbered

Figure 12-20

Actio nlnsert if^ FindDiatog

^J MovieFromFilelnsert FitePackageForCD

¿j BlogHomePage i;jj Address Book. <¿35 Content5AndIndex

DataFormWord ffi MicrosoftAccess MicrosoftExcel fji Organizer gLJ MailSelectNames

Figure 12-21

Help ■d FileSave y FilePrintPrevLew

PrintPreviewClose Undo C" Redo

Common i FilEOpen X FcLeExtt

® WebGoBack

WebGoForward 3 Head

Figure 12-22

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