If It Aint Broke

Everyone seems happy with what they have, so why rock the boat? Users weren't asking for more because it wasn't available. But, give them the opportunity to customize their reports and drill into the underlying data, and suddenly you have empowered them to become true knowledge workers. If they are already using the new Office Ribbon in Word and other programs, then they will appreciate the consistency of having it available in Access as well.

Of course, there are those limited situations in which an application uses a feature that is not available with the ACCDB file format. If the replacement feature isn't an acceptable alternative, then enhancing may be the appropriate solution. Keep in mind that it is acceptable to convert some applications and enhance others. It is also feasible to convert an application for some users while others work with an original version of the same application. In that situation, the shared data files would need to remain in an .mdb file or in a compatible format.

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