Getting Started

Upon opening Access, users are greeted by an intuitive graphical interface that displays links to a new database, recent files, and the template groups. Clicking on a template group—personal, business, or educational—displays related templates. When a template is chosen, the pane on the right prompts and guides the user through downloading the file or creating the database and linking it to a SharePoint site. There'll be more about SharePoint shortly. For now, suffice it to say that the program walks the user through creating the file and the links, and it prompts you to create a backup copy of the database on the SharePoint site.

If a new database is selected, the user is prompted to save the file. As soon as the file is saved, the database opens to a new table ready to accept data, and the user can immediately start typing input. The Ribbon shows appropriate options, and if needed, it only takes two clicks for the user to add a preformatted field. Clicking New Fields on the Ribbon opens the Field Templates pane. Clicking (or double-clicking) on a field name adds the field to the table. Figure 3-1 shows the Ribbon with the Fields Templates record source.

Figure 3-1

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